Brain Jar Session #2

18 July 2018 at Brain Jar in Hull.
19 July 2018 at Paragon Arcade in Hull.

Songs by Ella Jarman-Pinto, sung by Poppy Shotts (recorded live): 30th October 2014, Child and Mother, Songs for My Children (HUOC Commission), Lamplight


The second in a series of informal quarterly concerts at Hull’s friendly Brain Jar and also, this time, at the Paragon Arcade. Session 2 featured four female composers and included a new commission from each.

Anna Appleby

Winds of Iona
Citizens of Nowhere
Martyr’s Bay
A Musical Instrument (HUOC Commission)

Katie Chatburn

My Mistress’ Eyes
Par Coeur
Hymn to Aphrodite
Love (HUOC Commission)

Rose Dodd

last year’s b/f (HUOC Commission)

Ella Jarman-Pinto

30th October 2014
Child and Mother
Songs for My Children (HUOC Commission)


Performed by
 Rosie Middleton and Poppy Shotts

Accompanied by
 Ben Newton (keyboards) and Stephanie Halsey (harp)

Russell Plows – Director
Ben Newton – Music Director
Lucy Thomson-Smith – Assistant

Some audience reaction

“It was beautiful! The music was haunting, the artists, amazing”
“The arcade was ideal and the soloists excellent”
“I loved Paragon and the people passing by”
“Great to have the composers there to introduce and explain”
“Very emotional and a lovely acoustic”

Brain Jar 2

Russell Plows and audience at Hull’s Paragon Arcade

This production was made possible with the generous support of Hull City Council, Christopher Fox, Carrie Hunt, Adele Geras and Scott Pedigo
Thanks also to Alan Cooper, Gareth Lloyd, Martin Kurrein and the Haydn Society